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Looking for a distraction?

It's crazy times right now. Many of us are stuck at home, doing our best to pass the time without going stir-crazy. I imagine the collective closets of the country have never been cleaner! Then there are those on the front lines, working harder than ever, risking their health to save lives or to maintain the quality of life for those who are sequestered.

I'd like to think I can help in some small way. So I polished up a short story I wrote a couple years ago. If you remember, at the end of Thunderstone, Ice promises to visit Jeni in Michigan. This story takes place during that visit and includes some steamy scenes, some action and a message, too.

It's posted on my website, and you can read it or download it by clicking on the cover or here.

Whether you're in need of a diversion or an escape, I hope this makes your day a little bit better.


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