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Out with the old, in with the new.

Let me start by saying that a writer wants to write words, not code. When my original website was established six years ago, there weren't any slick website builders so I started with a Wordpress site. I paid an awesome guy to help me set it up and he was always helpful with my many questions. However, as a starving artist, I had to learn to maintain and improve it myself. I spent a lot of time learning through Google searches and Youtube videos and was able to do a lot with the site. The problem was, it was time consuming - time I wasn't spending writing - and since I didn't work on the site everyday, I often had to re-learn how to do things.

Ultimately what happened is I was intent on polishing my latest novel so it would be ready to send to my publisher and didn't think about my website for a while. The next time I tried to log in, I couldn't get in. Long story short, my website was infected with malware and my hosting service quoted a steep price to have code developers look at it. The tech also told me about website builders. Sure, I'd have to start from scratch, but I'd have a more secure site that was much easier for me to change and update on my own and I wouldn't have to be bothered with maintenance.

I'd already had wistful thoughts about giving my website a fresh look - knowing that it would be an insurmountable task for me to execute on my own using Wordpress. It was hard to pull the plug on all the time and money in the old site, but the more I worked with Wix, the more excited I became about having a new website, less frustration, and more time to write! Hope you like it!



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