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Heart of Ice - Legacy in Legend Prequel

Heart of Ice is a full-length novel available for download in Kindle,

ePub and PDF formats.

(Devices that support .epub files include Android devices, Barnes & Noble Nook, BlackBerry PlayBook, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Kobo eReader, Sony Reader, Windows Phone, and many more.)

Decisions Cover-1.png
Decisions - A Legacy in Legend Short Story

The summer after Thunderstone, Ice travels to Michigan to participate in a Native American Cultural Exhibition and is able to visit Jeni in her hometown. The sparks kindled between them quickly reignite, but with senses heightened by their mutual spiritual abilities, it's a struggle to keep their impulses in check.  Those problems become secondary when Jeni gets a message from her best friend, Carolyn, saying she's in a bad situation and needs help. Unable to reach Carolyn, Jeni and Ice embark upon a rescue mission, hoping not to land themselves in trouble before they can find Jeni's friend.

(I wrote this steamy story for readers of  Veiled Existence who might have been disappointed because Jeni and Ice had little time together on that river trip!)

Becoming Darkness - Ned's story.png
Becoming Darkness - A Legacy in Legend Novelette

If you've read Thunderstone, then you know the underwater monster extended his malevolent intentions onto land by recruiting an evil minion. Mishebeshu called him Gushkewau', meaning darkness. His name however, is Ned and although his scenes were deleted from the original Thunderstone manuscript, he was quite busy in the background; stealing, deceiving, evading, and plotting his own revenge.

This is Ned's story. Find out what drove him to become the henchman of a mythic monster...

…to become darkness.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.png
Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night
A Legacy in Legend Short Story

Legacy in Legend readers enjoy Tyler, Jeni's older cousin who loves to tease her, so this is a peek into Tyler's head to see what makes him tick. The story takes place three years prior to Thunderstone, providing a reference for Jeni and Tyler's combative relationship as well as a foreshadowing of events to come

Overcoming History cover.png
Overcoming History
An Anthology of Short Fiction
The anthology includes:
Colorblind – by RC Hancock
Pacific – by Greg Hickey
Right Hand to the Right Wall Molleen Zwiker
and my short story Whatever Helps You Sleep at Night (same as above).

Just for Fun

Ice's Mom's Waffle Recipe


Zalnic the Underlord

Zalnic head.png

A Soulshifter-themed song for the holidays.



the Mythic


A Thunderstone-themed song for the holidays.

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